Astronaut Ice Cream

Annie: Have you ever had freeze dried ice cream?
Trevor: Never heard of it.
Annie: Space ice cream? Astronaut ice cream.
Trevor: Never heard of anything.
Annie: Hmm. I thought every little kid dreams of eating it.
Trevor: Are you saying I’m a little kid?
Annie: I am saying you once were a little kid. Am I wrong?
Trevor: I didn’t know what space ice cream was back then either. Did you recently have some?
Annie: No. I saw some online.
Trevor: I want ice cream now.
Annie: This is counterproductive.
Trevor: That’s what I’m best at.
Annie: It is astronaut ice cream! Ugh. Counterproductive.
Trevor: Calm down, we’ll get through this.
Annie: Ugh.
Trevor: Only astronauts can get this ice cream? Unfair.
Annie: It is online.
Trevor: You’re not making sense, here.
Annie: You’re not making sense there.
Trevor: What is space ice cream?
Annie: Freeze dried ice cream.
Trevor: Where do you get it?
Annie: Online. Ugh.
Trevor: Who would buy ice cream online?
Annie: Astronauts.
Trevor: NASA doesn’t supply them with ice cream?
Annie: They do. Space ice cream.
Trevor: But they buy it online.


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