I Need a Title, Too?

I have a headache. It isn’t fun. I usually rarely got headaches, but since I have been at college, I get headaches all the time. I could pinpoint reasons for getting heaches, like that I get headaches on the days I don’t drink coffee or the times that I have been feeling more stressed (which turns out, college stresses me out a lot, go figure). I am not a fan of getting heaches. Not that I have ever met anyone who is a fan of getting headaches, but still. Headaches make me want to be anti-social. At least, that is my excuse. But, for another interesting tidbit of information, I find that canned fruit is my anti-social food of choice. Whenever I am feeling anti-social, I usually shut the door to my room and eat canned fruit. I feel that there is nothing wrong with this. Sure, you may think it screams pathetic, but let me tell you something. I am far more social now that I am in college than I ever was in high school. Maybe that is because there are far more things to do, maybe because I actually live in a city, or maybe it is because I live in a dorm full of girls who are constantly going and doing. So I feel I can be allowed sometime where I feel down right anti-social. And the only reason I am not watching TV right now (besides there being nothing on) because I can’t find the remote to save my life. So that is one pathetic thing I am not doing. You should be happy, though, because it allows me to write a blog, which even though I tell myself I should more often, rarely do.


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