And So We Move On

Sometimes life lets you down. Sometimes people let you down. Sometimes people lead you on and then let you down. It all happens. I have come to realize that it is part of life. Sometimes I am not okay with it, but then I eat ice cream and realize that I have no choice but to move on. After all, life still goes on and the world still turns even if things aren’t the way we wish they were. Sigh.

However, my friends are awesome. I went to the library last night (and I found out that other people were actually there, who knew that people actually go to the library?) and surprisingly enough, I got homework done. Go figure. But, anyway, some of the guys my friends seem to have formed friendships with joined us and we had a very insightful conversation. Granted, it was slightly inappropriate, but still, it made me realize that I have awesome friends. We are so awesome I can hardly stand it sometimes. But most importantly, I realized that my friends will be there for me and even when certain guys aren’t man enough to handle a long distance relationship, my friends still love me. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of that.


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