We Could Make a Feast From These Crumbs

I know when I enjoy reading something when it inspires me to write. So I was reading this good blog and it made me want to post something. Not that I have much to say, but I thought I would just make a little update on the going-ons of my life. Granted my life is not that exciting, so I apologize. I am learning to not apologize for things, since it shows a lack of confidence. I have started the second semester of my college career. I have 16 credits of classes I do not look forward to or enjoy. However, I press on.

My roommate has been working non-stop so I have hardly seen her at all. But you would be very happy to hear that despite being roommateless, I have not retreated to my room and eaten cans of fruit. I am actually managing to still be quite social. I am slowly learning that friends are important. However, like all relationships, if you aren’t intentional about them, they will not last. Relationships need to be nurtured. They need to be watered like plants, fed like babies, and cared for like, well, things that need to be cared for.

Speaking of something that needs to be cared for, my bank account. I just got another email for my monthly school payments which always depresses me. I need a job. No, I will not work the corner and no, I will not just find myself a sugar daddy. I need an actual job. The downside, though, is that I am from a tiny town and so I just knew people who I worked for. I have never actually gone out and looked for a job and it makes me very nervous. Plus, I hate rejection. All in all, life is work. Life is hard work. Work is hard work.

I am trying to think of something to be grateful for. I am alive. That’s a positive. I have people who love and support me. I realized that I actually do like my fingernail polish color because it looks like pink skittles, and I also like my new plaid shirt. That’s a positive.


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