For the Love of Cardigans

I love cardigans.

So much so, in fact, that I cannot think of one thing I don’t like about cardigans.

Wait, that was a lie. My black cardigan is starting to pill out. I am not too fond of the pilling out qualities that all sweaters possess. Other than that, I have an immense love of cardigans.

However, you know what I do know love? American Eagle teasing me. So, I am shopping and look at the clearance (because I am a poor, starving college student, of course) and I find a cardigan. In green! In my size! Heaven! However, being that I over think things so much so that when I shop online I never just find, fall in love and then buy. Oh, no. I find, put in basket, look at several times, leave the computer, lose focus while in class or conversation and think about how many ways I could wear said item to complete various outfits, go back to basket, look at it some more, email picture of item to my mother, call for her opinion, and then possibly buy, if and only if I can find a free shipping coupon. So, since my process is quite drawn out, what does American Eagle do? Of course they sell out of my size! They would. They would when I found a cardigan I fell in love with and planned out three different outfits with. I am told life goes on, but I am not entirely sure how.

My point is that I love cardigans. I started out the school year with plenty of room in my sweater drawer, but now my sweater drawer is almost to the point where it could be described as packed. Hmm. This will not stop me from buying more cardigans. For my love for cardigans is vast and deep and wide.

That is all.


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