This is the last week of classes. Next week is finals. The week after that is RA training week. Then, I finally get to go home. This is crunch week for everyone else. But for me, this is breakdown week. And this week has been not so good. And it’s only Tuesday.

I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. After all, once you go downhill, you can only go up. Right? Well, I guess I don’t know if I have reached the end of downhill or not. Time will tell.

Luckily, the same things still make me happy: Post-Its, Sharpie pens, chocolate milk, and shoes. Other things make me happy, too. But, without fail, those will make me happy.

Most of all, I decided that I will just never be a sandal person. My feet are too fat for sandals. I’ve yet to find cute sandals anyway. I’m not a gladiator, thus, my shoes will never be described with that word. That’s just life.


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