God is in Control

I think God has a way of reminding me that I’m not in control and He is. I recently got my tonsils out. (Which by the way, is the most painful thing ever. The doctor even apparently told me—though I have no real recollection of most of that day—that it was worse that child birth will be.) While I was out of commission for two weeks in extreme pain and not really able to do anything, my mom would say to me, “Andra, are you praying?” You know what, I wasn’t. I did not think that I would ever be able to be normal again, because I was convinced that I would never be able to swallow again without pain. It still hurts to swallow, but my recovery has been great all things considering. However, why I wasn’t praying led to me to really think. Do I not believe that God is in control? Why do I not turn to God when I have needs? Why am I not believing that He is powerful and strong enough to be completely in control of my life? I remember when my mother and I were driving home from my friend’s wedding. There was a terrible storm, with tornado warnings all around us. My mom laughs when she tells people about this, but at the time, I was really freaking out. I thought that there was no way we’d make it home and that we would get sucked up by a tornado. I saw the clouds and the sky and knew that I was going to die. (If you saw the sky, you would not be thinking that I am just over-dramatic.) Why was I so afraid? After all, God is in control of my life, right? Do I not know that His plan is greater? Why was I doubting that God would keep me safe? There is a level of trust in God that I was missing. I know God is in control, but sometimes I doubt. I will be completely honest: I have doubts and I have fears. But, why? God is in control. God is the one with the plan. God is the one who controls all things.


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