This will be the last time I drink caffeine after 4:00 PM. This is the last time that I try to convince myself that caffeine doesn’t affect me. Because it clearly does. I need to sleep and alas, I cannot. Thanks, caffeine. I have a love/hate relationship with you.

At any rate, I might as well share some thoughts with you. So Brittany and I arrived at small groups tonight only to have Chris tell us that there was some miscommunication with the sponsors, so I got to kind of lead the high school group. I feel like it was not really that well prepared or organized, but being about to learn more about some of the high schoolers was awesome. God is so good. But God has been reminding me that he is really in control.

For example, I got home and got on Facebook only to see that one of my former classmates gave birth to a baby girl, only to lose her two hours later. It is so hard, but God is right there in the pain of that situation. There is nothing to do but surrender all control to God.


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