Body of Christ in Action

The youth pastor of the church where I am interning and his wife just had a baby on Tuesday. Brittany and I went to the hospital to visit them. I got to hold their little baby son. I never really knew Shelley before she was pregnant, so basically it’s weird to think that she is no longer pregnant. But when we walked into that hospital room, they looked different. They looked like parents. She kept asking all the people that would visit them (and there were a lot), “Isn’t he perfect?” The joy that filled their faces was so extremely precious. As soon as some visitors would leave, others would come. Some church people. Some people from the Seminary. Some people that were just friends and knew them. People brought presents. People wanted to share their joy.

I believe that is the body of Christ in action.

I had the privilege of interviewing the senior pastor of the church I attend in Kansas for one of my classes. We agreed to meet at Panera, which was a nice public place. As soon as he walked in, the people working recognized them and greeted him by name. He tapped the person in line in front of him on the shoulder and began having a conversation with him, without any words out loud. Pastor signed to the man and the man would sign back. Their entire conversation took place without anyone speaking out loud, yet it was clear that Pastor was glad to have seen this man and glad to have gotten the chance to catch up with his man and his wife’s life.

I believe that is the body of Christ in action.

There was a high school senior who recently died during a football game. He was a friend of one of the people in the youth group where I intern. My roommate recently lost one of her friends, who was only 20 years old. Two people that there too young to die. Two communities that were hurt and changed forever. Yet, as people came together to comfort those around them and celebrate the lives of those who died…

I believe that is the body of Christ in action.


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