Beautiful Things

There is this song that has been in my head and on my tongue as of late, it is by Michael Gungor and it is called, “Beautiful Things.” The chorus is my favorite part, as it proudly declares, “You make beautiful things of the dust. You make beautiful things of out us.” There is this idea that God has made us beautiful. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God has made everything beautiful in its time.

I do not know about you, but it is easy for me to hear and read that and brush it off as if it is describing someone else. After all, have you seen me when I am in sweatpants and have my glasses on? I have seen that girl in my class. You know—the one that looks like she could double as a model.

It does not say, “God has made you beautiful if you close one eye and squint through the other.” God has made you beautiful. Out of the dust, God is making beautiful things out of us.

But there is something to notice about this beauty. It does not require cover-up, mascara, eye shadow or lip stick. This beauty comes out the most when we are being authentic with each other. When we are stripped down—of our agendas, of our plans, of our purpose—and just coming before the throne is when the beauty is like lemonade on a scorching hot summer day. The problem with a lot of people is that we are too afraid to show that we are messed up. At the core, we do not want to admit that we are not God. Now I am not saying that we think we are God. I am saying that we do not want to admit that we are not in control, that we do not have everything under control. God does. God told Moses, “Tell them I AM sent you.” God is. And we are not.

We are not in control. We are not in charge. We do not have the perfect laid out plans. We do not know what step to take next. We are not the center of the story. We are not Saviors. We are not perfect. And that is so beautiful.

God, you are making me new.


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