Entering into Advent

Though my memory fails me (I am more of an old person than a nineteen-year-old), I do not really ever remember my church placing that much emphasis on Advent. I went to an Advent service at Jacob’s Well with one of my friends from college. It was a beautiful service, as are most of their services. It was mostly a time for worship, scripture and response. As we left, my friend asked me, “I know it is a time of preparation for Christmas, but what is Advent?”

Though my home church was not big of Advent (though I remember the candles), the youth pastor of the youth group I am interning with is a big fan of Advent. He says it is his favorite time of the year. He gets clearly excited about Advent. Tonight in youth group is going to be talking about the first week of Advent. I also recently was reading Relevant Magazine and read an article that Rob Bell wrote about Advent.

What is Advent?

I know it is a season where we take in God’s grace and peace as we actively await our Coming Savior. I know there are candles. I know there is the color purple. Let’s face it—I don’t know much about Advent.

I am aware that this is a season about slowing down, which it is weird (but probably really needed) as we are busier than usual at the end of the year. I am aware that is a season of preparation. After all, December 25th is a deal big, especially for Christians. I know we don’t all make birthday cakes for Jesus (like one of my friend’s family does).

I am going to explore more about Advent, and I hope that you journey with me.


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