I like to be honest.

So I worked double shifts today. Which only comes out to be about eleven hours, so I guess it really isn’t that bad. However, I am sick. I have a cold or something.

Highlight of the day: My mom drove me to work today, so as soon as she picked me up and I got into the car, I sneezed. Snot went all over my scarf. So we’re driving along and I get some phlegm in my throat. I roll down my window and spit it out. Where does it? Of course on the outside of my car door and car handle. And what happens? Well, of course we live in North Dakota, so it freezes to the side of the car. Ridiculous. That’s real life, people.

All around today was pretty alright. Had enough pork roast to feed all my nursing home folk. Actually, if I do say so myself, the plate of food I made today looked quite yummy (though I don’t like pork roast or gravy, but nevertheless it looked picture-worthy). I work at a nursing home, have I mentioned that? Anyway, one of my old guys stole crackers from the old guy that he sits next to, so I brought them both a handful of crackers. “That’s a lot of crackers,” the old guy who got his crackers stolen said.

Sometimes I really love the nursing home. You know, the days when the ladies who aren’t all there mentally talk about how they went for rides on motorcycles back in the day. The days when an old man says something to me that I totally don’t understand but he ends his sentence by winking at me. You know, those days.

Happiness is a choice. And it is funny how you find you enjoy your life when you’re happy to be alive.


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