I am supposed to be writing a sermon, but I have writer’s block (or preacher’s block, if you will). I know I can’t just force thoughts to magically come to my head. And, yes, I knew I had to write this sermon since before my break even started. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have left it until the last minute. I guess I was just hoping that sometime between then and now I would have some sort of divine revelation that would come on me like a dove and give me the greatest sermon ever preached in the world. Yet, here I am, sitting in my living room, next to a couple bible commentaries, with Let’s Make a Deal on the television and Xiao sitting next to me and there are no doves and no divine revelations.


I am heading back to college on Thursday, but my week until then is going to be busy. My mom and I went to a funeral this morning. It feels like I am always going to a funeral when I am home. Tonight Pastor and his wife are coming over for dinner, which I will be making some Mexican Manicotti. Tomorrow will consist of a lot of packing, coffee with Becky and supper with Trevor. Wednesday, Mom and I will be going to Aberdeen and then there is youth group. I am not sure how this break went by so quickly, but it did. It always does.



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