In my head, I view life as a never-ending To-Do List, where things are constantly added. Just as I was sitting there, I thought of more things I had to do, had to accomplish. But the peace comes flooding in when you finally realize not to stress or hurry (and more over, not to worry) because it will all get done. Eventually. And whatever doesn’t get done, was never that important in the first place.

So don’t stress.

Worry less.

Enjoy life.

It goes by too quickly.

This is what I am telling myself over and over again.

Then I breathe in.

Then out.

And everything turns out just fine as life moves forward.

I just don’t want life to be like a train that you get stuck behind and get frustrated because now it is keeping you from going where you wanted to when you wanted to. I want not to be angry. Instead I want to realize that the train moves by very quickly, so I should enjoy looking at each mark of artwork along its side.


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