There was a time when I was playing for band before a football game that I remember. We would always have clothespins to keep our music from flying off of our music stands. One of my loving follow band members found a curl in the back of my hair and clamped a clothespin to my hair. Only, here’s the thing: I didn’t notice. I didn’t feel it. I was walking around for half of the game until someone came up behind me and said, “Why do you have a clothespin in your hair?”

Right now, I sort of feel like I have a clothespin in my hair and nobody is telling me.

Something just feels off. Maybe it is because I haven’t been eating lunch. Maybe it is because I just know that if someone spends too much time with me, they will get sick of me. Maybe it is because my car battery decided that today would be a great day not to work. Maybe because I feel like the skirt I am wearing is too short for work, but no one has noticed.

Have you ever have those moments when God just breaks through? Those moments that you are doing just fine and all of a sudden you wake up and recognize the Spirit is moving in your midst. I think that might be is happening now. It is like I have been walking around with a clothespin in my hair, and it has taken this long for me to notice.

I guess, what I am saying is that I am just glad my last name isn’t Corn. Okay, you’re right, that isn’t at all what I am saying, but I am still glad.


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