Eating Breakfast (and Other Things I Need to Work On)

It is funny how life never turns out they way we expected. And it definitely does not turn out like you mapped it out in the third grade. (But who is to say my wedding dress won’t look like how I’ve envisioned it for years? I really just want it to be simple, white, strapless with an apple green-colored piece of satin fabric wrapped around me and tied in a bow in the back. I digress.) Life does not work out like you planned it. I remember my cousin looking at me and saying, “I never thought I would be unmarried and unemployment at age twenty-five and here I am. Never plan out where you would like to be by a certain age.” I carry her advice with me.

If you had told me two years ago that I would be right where I am, I may not have believed you. Let’s face it, if you had told me a month ago, I probably would not have believed that my life would look like it does. Here’s the best part: I am going to reread that sentence two more years from now and will probably say the same thing. Here’s the even best-er part: God is really in control. Sometimes I tend to let that slip my mind.

Beside the fact that my eating habits are probably not healthy, there are some other things that I need to work on/write on a post-it so I can constantly remind myself. (To be fair, I eat breakfast when I am at home. It is just that oatmeal is a bugger to clean. If left for any longer than five minutes, the oatmeal remnants take up residency on the sides of the bowl.)

I mean, yeah, sometimes I forget that my forehead wrinkles aren’t a big deal. I forget that no one is really paying that much attention to if my face is breaking out. I forget that I don’t need to be in a hurry, everything will work itself out eventually. But there are more important things that I forget.

I was reading a devotion and it made me realize something: we forget that we are vessels. We are not just pure content. We need to pour ourselves out for others. But we don’t want to need other people. We don’t want to experience pain. Yet, when we hold ourselves back from entering into relation with broken people, we do not benefit. I think we benefit greatly from being around broken people. If we are called to be like Christ, then we should follow His lead and pour ourselves out for others. We should share a sandwich if that is the case, but whatever it is, we must remember that we are an offering.


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