Randomness and Lessons on Community

Even time my nail polish gets chipped, I remember the time one of my old ladies at the nursing home told me that her nails needed to be painted really badly because she currently looked like a hooker. My nails are chipped and I haven’t have time to the nail polish off, so I just keep thinking that someone is going to tell me that I look like a hooker. Only I’ve never really looked at a hooker’s nails before, so I guess I don’t really know how legitimate my old lady’s feelings were. Anyway, my point is that I have drunk a lot of water today. Seriously, this has just been the third time that I have filled my water bottle and it is only a little after three o’clock. The only down side to that is it makes me realize that my bladder is not nearly big enough. (This is real life, people, I will not apologize for being brutally honest with you all.)

I know my friend thinks that it is probably unhealthy to reference Relient K more than anything else, but I cannot really help it. For instance, lately the weather in Kansas (and so in my life) has been really bipolar, and consequently, I have also been a little bipolar lately. But, it is currently sunny outside (only not with a high of seventy-five), but when it is sunny, I just can’t help but be in a better mood. So, even though my life is busy and things are definitely not going in the way that I wanted them to, I am finding plenty to sing about (only not literally; I don’t think anyone in the office would appreciate if I just burst out in song, but that won’t stop me from doing it in my car on my drive home).

Anyway, I have been learning a lot about life lately. I would like to share some of those things with you, although let me warn you, I am feeling a little bit too giddy and therefore, scatter-brained. You will have to bear with me. In Intro to Preaching, one of my fellow classmates preached one of the most challenging messages I’ve heard lately. I honestly was having such a hard time just sitting listening to it, because it made me want to move to action right then and right there that I almost couldn’t contain myself. I mean, God has called us to go out. It’s not about us. We have to go. I wish I could just replay everything he said for you, but alas, I cannot.

Also, I am learning a lot about community as well as ministry. Lately I had really doubted my call to ministry and then the brokenness of one of my youth last night during small group reminded me why I am pursuing ministry: there is so much brokenness and I want to be there to remind them that they are not alone. I need be involved in the brokenness of people’s lives to remind them that God is still so able to change people’s lives. God is still working; God is still pursuing each one of us. I’m learning that community exists (at least partly) to be on a mission together. I think some of that mission is to build each other up and so build up the Kingdom of God. And I really don’t think that community is only built around deep theological conversations, I think community is built around eating together. I think community is built around a living room as we gather around someone and pray for them. I think community is built around a common mission.

I still have like twenty minutes left of work, so please excuse me while I jam out to some John Mark McMillan in my cubicle. (So hopefully no one notices.) I am truly a whale in a cubicle. Not that I am a whale, that’s a bad way to describe me. But I just do not enjoy being stuck in a cubicle for hours. That’s actually what I am trying to say.


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