“Annie, I’m sorry to hear about [that].”

“It’s okay.”

“Annie, you don’t need to push it down. You can just say, ‘thank you.’”

Behind the now-flowing tears, I said, “Thank you.”

Let me tell you how much that meant to me. I hope that you can also find some sort of encouragement as you face today. You don’t need to push it down. It is okay that you are not okay just yet. It is absolutely alright to be broken. After all, I am finding that we all have some brokenness.

Let me tell you, just because there may one person who thinks your brokenness is just too much for them to be able to handle, don’t worry, because eventually you will find someone who knows that sometimes soufflés just don’t turn out—but they will not give up on you. There will be people in your life that will be there—failed soufflé after failed soufflé—because that’s what love does. Love remains throughout the brokenness. When you love someone and when you enter a relationship with someone, it will be absolutely inconvenient. It will cause you to rearrange your schedule so you can drive them to work when they are without a car because of their own stupid mistakes. It will cause you to allow them to interrupt your Skype-date just so you (read: I) can absolutely break down. Friendship is inconvenient. Let’s face it. It is not always ideal, and it is definitely not always easy. But when you are really around people who are not afraid of your brokenness, it will lead you to a beautiful place. It will cause you to come to work and find a post-it or two in your cubicle. It will allow you to hear words of truth when all you let yourself listen to are the lies the world tells you (and that you tell yourself).

You don’t need to be okay. I will still be there after another failed soufflé.


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