Spring Break

Beware the Ides of March and what have you.

I think there is something about being in North Dakota that triggers something within me that causes me to sneeze. Constantly. I tend to sneeze the regular amount of times, but as soon as I enter the state lines of North Dakota, I sneeze all the time. It is a little annoying. And of course, I can’t just sneeze cute little sneezes like I used to, but no, I sneeze where snot is involved and everything. I know, you didn’t need to know that, neither did my church congregation, but did that stop me from talking about snot during my sermon? Of course not.

I gave blood yesterday. It was fun. Seriously, giving blood is one of my favorite things to do. The lady told me that since I have such an awesome blood type (O Positive) that if I were only one inch taller and about twenty-five pounds heavier, I could give double. Sadly, I am at a point where I’d rather lose weight than gain any, so even though “everyone wants to be my best friend” (the lady’s words, not mine), I am sticking with only donating one pint of my wonderful blood. Afterward, I sat down next to two middle-aged guys. I am assuming they were farmers because they were having a really detailed conversation finding cows dead and it is a good year when you only lose two cows. Yeah, I am definitely back in North Dakota.

I returned to work today. It wasn’t the same without a certain resident, but I got to see my old people. I do call them mine, because well, they are mine. I love all of my nursing home residents. One of my old ladies watches The Bachelor religiously. One lady came to the kitchen and asked for an ice cream cone (right before supper, mind you), and even though I know she does this every day, I gladly made her an ice cream cone because life is short, you know. While washing dishes, I managed to gracefully drop a dish with pureed fruit cocktail in lime jello and got it all over myself.

What I really want to tell you is that despite everything going wrong, God is still in control. He deserves all the praise and glory even when it doesn’t seem natural. Even though I’ve been working and going to funerals, I have been able to have times that have been really restorative. I haven’t gotten a lot accomplished, but I’ve read two fun books (one by Anne Lamott and another by Donald Miller). God is good. And happiness (at least right now) is being able to drink coffee with my mom in the morning and watch my brother play his video game in the evening.


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