Spring Semester is a Snake

Why, yes, I do indeed have some deep, theological thoughts that are floating around in my head that I am struggling to articulate. So, instead, I will just share with you a story about a snake.

(Disclaimer: This is a “third generation” story, if you will. So, basically, this is not my story, rather it is a story about someone else who I don’t even know, but it was told to me by someone I do know, so I am therefore, telling you.)

So, there was this lady who had a pet snake. Don’t ask me why anyone would have a pet snake, but she did. (I wish I could remember the type of snake, but I am not up on my snake knowledge, so let’s just say it was a snake that could kill you.) Now she loved her snake, probably more than any person should really love a snake. She would fed her snake, take pictures with her snake, let her snake chill around her neck, and even sleep with her snake. Did I mention she loved her snake? She had this snake for seven or eight years. One day she noticed that her snake started acting really funny. The snake wasn’t eating for a couple weeks, wasn’t really sleeping, was looking kind of flat and was just plain acting out of the normal. So, like any pet loving owner, she went to talk to the vet to see what could possibly be wrong with her snake. The vet’s response?

“Go home. Lock the snake in a cage, and get far away from your house. That is what snakes do when they size up their prey. Your snake is getting ready to eat you.”


I feel like that is sometimes how life is when you feel like you are in crunch-mode. There is less than two months left of this semester, and I am starting to realize how much I have left to actually get done and turn in before summer can start. So, basically, the semester is sizing me up and is getting ready to devour me. Well, I have news for this semester: I am going to tackle it like a hardcore football player. That’s right. It is going down.

P.S. (Disclaimer: You don’t care about the following couple sentences, but that does not stop me from telling the entire internet world.) I am wearing a dress today, now it is not a short dress, but I have been paranoid all day that my slip is showing. It is a combo of the dress not being quite long enough and the slip being just way too long. I currently am wearing the slip as high as it will possibly go, which is awkward. Basically, I am wondering if I am the only person in the world under the age of 40 that still wears slips. Any truth to that statement, people?


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