I have this beautiful friend. She is graduating high school this May, and I have seen her struggle and grow into a strong woman who longs to serve the Lord. One of my favorite times is when I get to go home and go to youth group (I am an honorary intern whenever I am in town), and after youth group, she and I had a great conversation. It was long, and it was filled with plenty of randomness, but it was honest and real. It was interesting to swap stories about what has been going on in our lives lately, because there were some similarities. I love to see how God is working in her life, despite a lot of our conversation surrounding situations that caused a lot of brokenness. Despite that brokenness, despite the not ideal situations, despite the pain, there was hope, joy, and a renewed sense that God is really in control.

She recently got a calendar, and let me tell you why that is just so incredibly cool. She circles each day with the circle purple. Purple is a reminder that before the day even begins, God has it in His hands. He is in control, and He’s got this. So that even while yesterday may have been a terrible day, not filled with sunflowers and butterflies, it does not matter, because God is in control of today, of the right now. At the end of the day, she will circle her day in yellow, green, or teal. Yellow is her least favorite color, so that indicates that day was terrible. It was not a good day, but even still, the next day will be circled in purple, because God is still in control. She will circle the day in green if she just gets through the day. It does not mean that the day was terrible, but it means that she just lived it to get through it. Even if it was just a day where you clocked it and clocked out, no matter what, the next day will be circled in purple. It is a fresh start, a new day, and God is in control. Now teal is her favorite color, so teal means that the day was wonderful. Teal means there should be confetti because it was a day filled with happiness. I love teal days. She admitted to me that most days were circled in green, but there were some yellow and a couple teal. But each day was circled in purple. God’s got this. He is in control. I love that she has a visual reminder of the truth.

Side note: As I was writing this post, I actually received a text from her. Let me share with you what it said, because it would just once again prove how amazing she is. It reads: “Well, I just felt that it had been too long since the last time I told you that I love you… And God loves you, too. I hope you’re doing ok, Annie.” Seriously, I wish I were in North Dakota so I could hug her because it has maybe only been a couple days since I saw her last and she said that she loved me. I think sometimes we all need those reminders.

So, as you are reading this, I want you to know…

That today is purple.

God is in control.

I love you, and God loves you.

You can do this.


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