Sometimes when I am trying to think of how to express the thoughts in my head, it comes out in a haiku. For example:

Saturday, teeth hurt

Book reading, paper writing

Making progress, not

I don’t know what it is, but my mind just automatically thinks in three lines—five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Maybe it’s the wannabe-poet inside of me attempting to burst out but I cap it at only three lines.

I should be walking to the library now (or like, five minutes ago) because I really do need to get something done today. I have this paper that I need to write. I also have a book that I should be reading. To be honest, I am really digging the book, but I think I get a little too comfortable in my room, so every time I start, I just have a desire to nap. I wish I could go to Panera, but it is lunch time, so I will hold off. However, if I could take up residency at Panera, I probably would. I am definitely a fan, and I don’t even mind the fact that no matter how often they clean the tables, everything in the place is always covered in bread crumbs. I like bread crumbs, I guess. Really, I am a fan of any place where they give me a little loaf of bread that I can rip up and let swim in my chicken noodle soup. Can you say “yum”?

On a couple other side notes, I have been eating breakfast very consistently. I will admit, I am quite proud of myself. Give me some cereal and soy milk and I am one happy girl. I have also been working on Philippians, so if you want to ask me to prove it, please feel free to keep me accountable. I am wearing a tie-dyed shirt, please feel free to call me a tie-dye pro. (After all, I could totally go pro after only tie-dying twice in my entire life. But, it’s whatever.)

I have no idea what I will be doing this summer. To be honest, that scares me a little. I mean, I was recently told that life is probably not a straight path. Instead, it is probably more like a bunch of stepping stones. I am not sure where I am stepping next, but I know that God is in control no matter what happens. I have a phone interview for a job next week, and I am a little nervous, because right now, I’m banking my summer on it. I don’t really enjoy feeling like I am living in a limbo time right now, but I think that’s just where I am. Living in the limbo of life. Ideal? No. Making me realize how much I need to follow and rely on God? Yes.


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