The Point of Pogs*

I just spent the last two minutes trying to figure out how many times I could hit refresh on my email before I would actual receive a new email. Turns out, the answer is a lot. So I am taking a break from refreshing my email and writing some random thoughts. If I don’t write them down, they will just keep bouncing around in my head like a never-ending game of Ping-Pong.

P.S. Do you remember the game Pogs? Better question: Do you remember how that even qualified as a game? Best question: How did I spend multiple hours of my childhood being entertained by a bunch of plastic disks? But, am I mad about it? Absolutely not.

My to-do list is currently longer than I am tall. I am having a weird reaction to this because I flip-flop between feeling like I am drowning to feeling like all I want to do is skip. The skipping is weird because there is nothing that I am particularly happy about; however, I know that God is good. For that, I want to skip. I also have a strange desire to drink lemonade and put flowers in vases. Someone, quick! Feel my forehead!

Anyway, there are two things that I have come to realize as of late. First of all, it is hard to hate someone whose story you know. Secondly, it is hard to be angry with someone when you are praying for them. And, wouldn’t you know it; I have stories to illustrate both points!

So there is this guy in one of my classes, and even though I know his name, let’s just call him by the name I prefer to call him: Mr. Paisley-Shirt Man. Now sometimes I would let this guy really get on my nerves. I am not entirely sure why, but something about whenever he would open his mouth, it would just grind my gears. I mean, it’s not like he wasn’t anything but nice to me. However, throughout the course of this semester, I have gotten to know him a little better, and he is a great guy. Hence fore, boys and girls, it is hard to not like someone after you learn more about them, their story, and their journey.

Secondly, there is this certain fellow (at whom I may or may not have wanted to throw egg yolk water balloons), but in order to control my crazy thoughts, I started to pray for him every time I saw him or wanted to throw something at him. I prayed for him. Every time. Turns out it makes it harder to be mad at someone when all you are doing is praying for them. Go figure. So, feel free to try both of these techniques at home (or school or work or on the sidewalk).

Ten minutes later and I still haven’t received a new email. Mmhmm. That’s my life, people.

Anyway, let’s recap: 1. When you don’t like somebody, get to know them. It will change your life, or at least your outlook on them. 2. When you are mad at someone, pray for them. Or, really, if you see someone ever, pray for them. Prayer is wonderful, people. It is really just great, and I have been really allowing it to transform my life.

*This title is a trick: I not only have no idea what the point of Pogs were, nor do I answer that in this blog. Tricked you, didn’t I?


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