I have always kind of lived my life waiting in expectation of the day when I would magically become cooler. I drove a station wagon in high school. Nuff said. I always told myself that I would park in the angle parking (in my mind that was the coolest place to park in my high school) once I got a car. I finally got a car after I finished high school, and to my surprise, I found out that I was the exact same person. Crazy, right?

I have always been just living my life in expectation of the day that I will finally make it. Everyone was wearing jeans from The Buckle, so I finally spent $80 and got jeans from The Buckle. Turns out wearing them didn’t make me any cooler. Go figure. Just one more example of the many things that I thought would make me cooler and didn’t.

In my head, I view my future as a lot different than the currently reality I am living. In my head, my life consists of a job that I love, house with adorable furniture and decorations (not expensive, but thrifty chic, preferably a flower patterned chair), and of course, a nice looking man by my side. Duh. I also apparently picture never-ending sunshine and cotton candy trees. I am finding out that it is not real life. First of all, because no matter where you go, you take you with you. And the me that I am taking everywhere is a very uncool me. I am not saying that to get sympathy, but to say that I am not really called to be cool.

If you think about it, following Jesus is just about one of the most uncool things you can do. Yet, we are called to do just that. We are called to be the least of these. Jesus came into the world and spoke a message that was against all that made culture cool. We are called to the same lifestyle. We are called to carry our cross (which has never been fashionable). It is not a popular message we are called to take to the world. It is that narrow road lifestyle, though we are called to love the broken and hurting. We are called to, basically, be uncool.


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