It doesn’t matter how nice the weather is because I will be spending my day in the library. I have got to knock this exegesis paper out.

Sometimes I act pretty ridiculous. I don’t mean ridiculous like I think the place on your arm (on the other side of the elbow) should be called the “mini-armpit” (though I totally think it should). I mean ridiculous like I am about to throw a temper tantrum, and usually about something equally as ridiculous and petty. Like, I basically want to shake myself and say, “Get a hold of yourself! You are nineteen, not three.” I instantly think of this adorable kid that is the child of two of our youth group sponsors. All he wanted was some more applesauce (that comes in a tube—what will they think of next?), but it was like his third applesauce of the day, so his parents told him no. He then threw himself on the ground and starting crying and having a fit. Basically, his life was over. Until he saw his Thomas the train toy, which made it all better. So the times when I realize I am ridiculous, I just think of that adorable boy, and how I am not three years old anymore.

I am usually the most ridiculous when I let myself forget that God is in control. Like, for instance, I have no idea where I am living this summer. I officially have a job (that I am actually pretty excited about), but as of right now, my only living plans are being a nomad. You know, sleeping on park benches and what not. God is still in control. He has still got me in his hand.

I am getting sick, and I have a lot left to do before the end of this semester. And yet, God is in control. The God of peace is with me so I can have peace in God and so I don’t need to freak out when I can’t have applesauce in a tube.

Side note: I am almost out of index cards. I am a big fan of index cards, and cannot let myself run out. Anne Lamott writes about using index cards in her book, Bird by Bird, and so I think she is awesome and in my own little way of wanting to be like her, I use index cards. I write quotes and things I want to remember on index cards. The only problem: I usually put them somewhere and can’t find them until months later.


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