Where have I been?

Literally, I have been in Kansas and drove to North Dakota and back over the last four days.

Metaphorically, I have been distant. I am hurting and healing. I’ve been mad at God and running toward Him. It’s been an interesting last couple of days to say the least.

But I’m back.

I should be writing a sermon right now. Why is it that every time I need to be writing a sermon I end up writing a terrible blog? I must have writer’s block all over the place. I need Coffeemate, I wish I could blame everything on the fact that I am completely out of Coffeemate. I put soy milk in my coffee this morning, and it was just not the same.

God is in control even though way too many things are up in the air right now.

I also really just want some beef jerky.

But I don’t want to bore you with the ramblings of my inner thoughts.

Peace be with you all.


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