I’m exhausted, but I can’t even see my bed at the moment. I took my last final this morning, officially ending my second year of college. I have been packing all day, even though I am not going home. Tomorrow morning, I will move all my stuff over to the place where I will be living this summer. However, I’m not actually going to be living there until the beginning of June. Because, ladies and gents, I will be flying Tuesday morning.

I will be arriving in Zurich Wednesday morning. This will be the first time I will be in Europe (you know, besides just being stuck in the London airport). I am going with a group of students from my college, and we are taking a class called: “God on Trial: A Traveling Conversation in Psychology, Faith, and Gelato.” I wish I could tell you that I was more excited than I currently am. I probably will get more excited once I have packed. Right now all my packing is looming over my head. I will try to keep my blog updated throughout the traveling process.

I feel very in transition right now. My dorm room is empty, and I’ve been checking the girls on my hall out all day (I’m an RA). Today has been filled with way too many goodbyes. I vote we never say goodbye again, but rather, only “see you later”s. That is a much more optimistic send off.

I will be gone until May 21st. I will then head to North Dakota the day after or the day after that in order to be home for a week. Even though it is really just to get my wisdom teeth out, I am excited to see my family again. This is the first Mother’s Day that I won’t be with my mother, and I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart. You know, this is why I have been putting off a blog post—because I have not wanted to have to think too much. Thinking makes me want to cry. Change has always been tough for me. I need to start viewing all of life as an adventure. Starting… now.

In the meantime, I am getting a haircut on Monday. I am also going MNU’s graduation.

Here I am, in the transition. But I know that even in transition, there is grace. There is grace all over the place. And there is hope everywhere, we just need to know where to look.


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