Today we journeyed into the village of Büsingen and found ourselves in an old church building. There is something to be said for the awe and reverence of being inside a place where so many people have preached and sung praise to God. The church has been around for over one thousand years. That’s a lot of worship over the years.

A lot of thoughts rush into my mind. I carry a lot of me with me whenever I go anywhere. I think about the pain that the people in that church in the past must have felt. I think of the pain I know my loved ones are feeling. I think of the joy, though, as well. I do believe that God works good in all situations. Honestly, I love finding God in nature as well as history. God is all over this place and so many places. I think that brings a hope that can burst out despite all the hardships. 

God is working and has been working for so much longer than I realize. Perhaps we do need to live out the goodness that we were made for. I am seeking Jesus and falling into a love relationship with God is new ways lately. And He deserves all the praise, glory, honor, and worship.


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