Neither of my parents taught me how to tie my shoes. I’m serious. Neither of them. I remember the exact moment, however, that I taught myself how to tie my shoes. I was handed my purple shoes with white shoelaces and told to figure out how to tie my shoes. So one evening while my family was watching TV, I was sitting on the couch, learning how to tie shoes. Now you’d think that this does not put me at a disadvantage. I would then tell you that you are entirely wrong and have obviously never seen me tie my shoes before. I don’t tie my shoes like normal people. It is a little hard to explain how I tie my shoes, but I make two loops and tie them together, rather than the typical around a bunny ear and through a forest or whatever ridiculous nature imagery is used to teach kids how to tie shoes.

Even though out of all the life skills in the world, you would think that I wouldn’t be insecure about tying my shoes. It has been just recently that I’ve attempt to tie shoes the way “normal” people tie their shoes. It’s not like I wear that many shoes with shoelaces really, but I’m pretty girly and must admit: I like my fair share of things with bows. I also like things with buttons and dresses with pockets, but that’s a different fashion story for a different time (but really, there are wedding dresses with pockets? How can life really get any better?). Back to tying shoes. My point is that my mother has taught me mostly every life skill that I know. She taught me how to sew on buttons and make pancakes. But there are times in life when no one throws you a bone (though I have a hard time imagining how that is ever really helpful) and you have to figure it out yourself. Life is a lot about struggling and sometimes you just have to make it work. (Right Tim Gunn?)

I am flying to Louisville tomorrow for the Nazarene Youth Conference. I am on staff, so I will be putting in some long hours and my feet will probably hurt by the end of the day, but I am really excited. However, we are just going to overlook the fact that there is no way I’m going to finish the work I have left and do laundry and pack. I don’t know why I always leave everything until the last minute, but I always do. Without fail.


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