When did my grace become so limited? Have I forgotten who I am?

Have I forgotten that I was found in filth? Have I forgotten that I was pulled out of the dirt?

While His son was still hanging on the cross, He was concerned with my sin, with my guilt and my shame. Have I forgotten that?

I don’t know quite where, but somewhere along this road, I’ve forgotten. I’ve started to think that it was my place to judge, that I was in a position higher than others. How false is that! I look down and see who I was is still who I am—still covered in dirt, still covered in the negativity.

I find myself coming closer to the cross. The same cross where my guilt and forgiveness met. In His loving abundance of grace given freely, I’m covered. I’m cleaned.

James 4:6 says that: “He gives us more grace.” Grace and grace abundantly. Grace over and above, and we are free. We are free to rest in that grace. We are free from our chains, but free to give grace.

He gives us the grace that we refuse to. We are hamsters on wheels. We dig in our heels.

He still gives us grace and calls us to do the same.


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