As you probably know, I recently turned twenty. (Alright, so recently means two months ago.) In case you have a problem with knowing numbers in sequential order, you would know that means it is only one year until I turn twenty-one. I’m not in a hurry to turn twenty-one (if anything, the thing I am most excited for about being twenty-one is then it would mean that I can drive for youth events—yes, that’s how awesome I am).

But if there’s anything I’ve learned in the years I’ve been alive, it is that life is short. Not only that, but in a year, I have no idea where I will be in my life. Literally. A year ago, I had no idea everything that happened in the past year would have happened. Yet, here I am. In addition to my love of lists, I want to make my twentieth year of life awesome. So, here it is. The twenty-one things I’d like to do before I turn twenty-one.

1. Try sushi

2. Learn sign language

3. Travel to a new country

4. Learn how to swing dance (preferably without looking like a fool)

5. Attend a Greek Orthodox Church service

6. Read at least one fun book a month (even during the school year when I will undoubtedly be bogged down with reading a ton of other books)

7. Get an article published online

8. Attend a cooking class

10. Go fishing (Can you believe I’ve never been fishing before?)

11. Go to a professional baseball game

12. Develop a budget and stick to it

13. Go to counseling (I should, after all, take advantage of the free counseling I can get on my school’s campus)

14. Go to the City Market in Kansas City

15. Buy a Moleskin and write in it regularly

16. Sponsor a child through Compassion International

17. Memorize Philippians

18. Send at least twenty cards to people (Just to let them know I’m thinking of them, because you don’t always need a special occasion to send a card!)

19. Go to a music festival

20. Take a stab at painting on a canvas

21. Enjoy every moment, not taking the time for granted. Allow myself to make mistakes and not beat myself up over failures. Then, finally, have one of the best birthdays ever when I turn twenty-one!


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