I haven’t showered today. Don’t worry, it gets worse. Not only have I not showered today, but I am still wearing the same clothes that I slept in and haven’t put any make up. I did, however, put my hair in a ponytail (as if that makes it any better?). I haven’t accomplished much today besides baking caramel buttery bars whose calorie count probably equals 7,000 per serving. I didn’t really feel too bad about eating a weeks-worth of calories in a single bar (which was so buttery and delicious) because my pants have elastic. I’m not mad about it, ya’ll. (I can say “ya’ll” because the bars had so much butter that I would have made Paula Dean proud. I wish I were kidding.)

Yes, I know shouldn’t be this honest. At least, maybe I shouldn’t be. I don’t really sugar coat my life. I do, however, sugar coat my sweet potato fries (brown cinnamon and sugar, ya’ll). I am spending my Saturday night watching 48 Hour Mystery with my mother. I could easily feel pathetic about that, but I don’t. I actually love watching shows about murderers with my mother on what could normally be considered “date night.” I will miss it when I am back at college. That leads to me to feel the need to mention that I will be leaving for college again pretty soon. I guess that means summer is almost officially over. It has been a weird summer anyway; I’m ready to start school again. I am really more eager to be able to see my best friend again and give her a hug because I know she’s going through a really tough time.

I have several books left on the “what I was planning on reading over the summer” book list. I could be discouraged, but I’m not. I have enjoyed the books I’ve read this summer. I’ve enjoyed this summer, the things I’ve gotten accomplished. I will not beat myself up over the things that I have not gotten done. Life is about striving for goals, enjoying the little moments with the ones you love, and it’s not about beating yourself up for how productive (or not productive) you are each day. I’m not mad about sitting around on a Saturday. I’m also not mad about Relient K’s cover of a Justin Bieber song.

Also, I would really like a punching bag in my life. And preferably pink boxing gloves. Don’t laugh. Stop laughing. Seriously, I can hear you laugh. I am getting pink boxing gloves and a punching bag so next time you’ll be more afraid to laugh so loudly.


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