During Kingdom Come (a student-led time of intentional worship on campus) we sang the song “Words to Build a Life On.” Now that’s a song that speaks to me just about every time I hear or sing it, but while singing it on Tuesday night, right next to my roommate (and many other people on campus), a certain line of that song stuck out louder than the rest of them.

“Blessed when your loved ones are the ones who hurt you most.”

Now when hearing that line before, I have always thought of myself. (Go ahead, call me selfish.) I get down on myself, honestly, and think of all the times that I have hurt people that I really love and that I really care about. I want to somehow make it possible to punch myself in the face, because I know that there have been too many times where I have hurt the people who are the closest and most important to me. Sometimes it has been intentional, sometimes it has been less than intentional. I know I will probably continue to fall and hurt people that I love, but singing that line Tuesday night, I wasn’t really thinking about the issues that I normally think about.

Undoubtedly in worship services like these, someone always says something along the lines of, “No matter what you’ve said, no matter what you’ve done, God still wants you to come to him. He still loves you, still accepts you, still wants to redeem you.” Something related to that. But I was thinking. (I know, right? Hold the phones, everyone! But, seriously. Stay with me here.) I was thinking, why doesn’t anyone ever include: “No matter what has been done to you. No matter what has happened to you through choices that were not your own.” I believe that even in those times, those overlooked times when people we love hurt us the most, God is there saying, “Come to me. You are weary. I see that. Come to me. You are burdened. Come to me. Give it all up to me. This is not yours to hold onto.”

Those times when your wife and best friend dies in a car accident, God is saying, “You are hurting. Come to me.”

Those times when your friend stops talking to you all summer, God is saying, “You are weary. Come to me.”

Those times when your mother faces a doctor visit and you are ten hours away, God is saying, “You are burdened. Come to me.”

Those times when feel overwhelmed with everything going on in life, God is saying, “You are carrying too much all by yourself. Come to me.”

Those times when the person you thought would be your husband dies, God is saying, “You are broken. Come to me.”

So, yes, no matter what you’ve done, but also no matter what has happened and no matter what you’ve experienced, God is saying, “This is not yours to hold onto. See this yoke of mine? It is easy. It is light. You can’t take my yoke upon yourself fully? That’s alright. Do what you can. Start today. That’s enough.”


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