We shut people out, and we push people away.

Our brokenness is too much.

They don’t deserve us at our best because they didn’t even take us at our worst.

Our trust has been broken and betrayed before.

Sirens and alarms can go off all they want.

We are broken and breaking more.

We are falling down and not getting up.

We used to write our dreams in crayon, bold and bright and outside the lines.

Cement became more concrete than our mud pies and playgrounds.

We can’t be creative when we are closed and guarded.

We built walls around ourselves.

Somewhere we lost our ability to let ourselves love and be loved.

We are fractured fragments of our former selves.

It is quiet and lonely.

It is empty and unholy.

God is calling our names, even with our covered ears.

Christ is shining brightly through our blind spots.

We must drop everything and run into His arms.

The whole gospel is for the whole person.

Times we are broken, we must return to Him.

Times when our relationships are crumbling, we must return to Him.

Times when the ones we love hurt us the most, leave us when we need them, choose death instead of life with us, we must run to Him.

We must keep returning.


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