Just when I think I have it all together. It breaks and shatters, and I am left in pieces. It is hard to focus with all these things racing through my mind. My soul feels no peace. The leaves on the trees are beautiful, but I almost feel no real appreciation for the changing seasons.

We are having the teens in my youth group choose to write a sin or the name of a person they need to forgive on a stone, and then having them take that stone and throw it into the lake. I hold on to a lot of things that I know I need to let go of. The leaves are falling off the trees—nature’s way of saying I’m throwing off my old self in order to prepare for the toughest season yet. I know I will grow leaves back in the spring, but winter is coming. I would be a fool to ignore that. It has been a good summer, but the toughest season will soon be here. I can survive it and develop new growth because of it.

So if the braking must continue, then it must. My heart cannot be hardened. Being vulnerable has never been easy. Times change and the color of leaves change. What was once within grasp is now much farther away. God, do a work in my life so your will and my will are one.


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