Dead Hummingbirds

Pastor gave this slightly morbid, yet effective, illustration in church this morning. If you find a dead hummingbird and try to throw it back into the air, it is not going to fly. Even though it still has its wings and tiny little hummingbird limps, nothing will happen. Why? Because there is no life in the hummingbird. In the same way, we are dead, too, without being filled with the life the Spirit gives us.

There is a war waging inside of us. We may feel feelings of self-condemnation, but that is an inevitable sign. It is not a sign that we are losing; it is a sign that we are in the process. We are in the battle. Romans chapter eight is in contrast to Romans chapter seven, because chapter eight paints a picture of a Christian who is overcoming. The difference between an overcoming Christian is the difference between someone who has invited Christ into their house, but only allowed him into the guest room and someone who has invited Christ inside, giving him full access to every room. Chapter seven does not mention the Spirit, but chapter eight mentions the Spirit nineteen times. We must ask ourselves: “Where am I anchored? What is my mindset? Am I anchored in Christ and in the Spirit?”

We must let the Spirit fill our minds with different things. It is not enough to just resist something, not if we truly want to change. We must replace it. Pastor John said, “Whatever you focus on gets your attention and whatever gets your attention gets you.” We cannot just resist, we must refocus. If we are only resisting, it is still getting our attention; in fact, it gets all of our focus.

So, this is my prayer today: I give your Spirit free and complete access to my mind. Give me the thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to replace things the enemy wants me to dwell on. I invite you to fill me with your life.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a dead hummingbird.


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