I Will

I will not text back any comebacks. They are never as witty typed out as they are in my head. And if my point is that I’m an adult and not a middle schooler, this is not the way I want to make my point.

I will not spend my Saturday nights alone on the couch watching Lifetime movies about women with breast cancer that will inevitably make me cry. It is much better to spend Saturday nights watching 48 Hours, because I know that in North Dakota, my mother is watching the same thing, which makes it feel less lonely.

I will not waste my time on Facebook sharing at other people’s adorable engagement pictures. I will not waste my time on Facebook at all. Oh, who are we kidding? But, I will at least try to realize when I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and then at least go over to Pinterest.

I will not think about how much I would really enjoy driving up onto the sidewalk and hitting every couple holding hands that I pass as I drive to my favorite Starbucks. It would probably hurt my car more anyway, and I don’t have time to deal with the law. All the same, I will admit it is sometimes pretty tempting.

I will not beat myself up when I am pushing on a door that needs to be pulled. I will laugh at myself and move on.

I will realize when my mother says she doesn’t want Cinnamon Bun flavored Coffee-mate, it is probably better if that is not the first flavor I buy when I’m restocking up on Coffee-mate. She was right. She is right about a lot of things. Cinnamon Bun Coffee-mate being disgusting is just another thing she is right about. Trust me.

I will not drool over Chinese food. If I want Chinese food so badly, I will go out and get some. After all, if I don’t like something, I can get off the couch and move. I am not a tree.

Most of all, I will realize that I am a child of God. I am not “just” a mess. I am a work in progress, yes. But because I am feeling discouraged does not mean I have lost. It means I am in the battle. And I know the One who is ultimately victorious, even in the moments I don’t know how to explain the book of Revelation to Junior Highers.


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