I legitimately believe that someone should give me a reality TV show. (MTV, are you listening?) Although, to be honest, in order to fill in the gaps of how boring I become on Saturday nights (48 Hours Mystery, anyone?), it should really be a reality show featuring my roommaI can see the hashtags now (#annieaubreyreallife), and I can totally see us becoming famous. Anyway, the latest adventure in the life of Annie and Aubrey has been: Homecoming. (We definitely blow Laguna Beach episodes out of the water. I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, but I’m sure we could fist pump enough to keep up.)

It was Friday night and I already had my dress on. My roommate was curling my hair and helping me get all pretty. The plan was that I was supposed to go with a guy friend of mine, but last minute, we decided against going together, so step in my roommate.

Me: “Come to the Homecoming Banquet with me!”

Her: “I don’t have a dress!”

So, obviously, the first step is to run around the room franticly. She was doing laundry, so she hands me the laundry basket and I run to take it to my car. I’m not sure if anything we need was in the right mind, but we had a mission.  Our other suitemate finished doing her hair, she then grabbed her laundry, threw it in my car and we were off to Kohl’s to find a dress.  

This was at 6:30. The banquet started at 7:20. That’s right. My roommate did her hair, makeup, bought and changed into a dress and we still made it in time for the Banquet. (It was in Kansas City, so that’s about at least a twenty-five minute drive.) That is how awesome we are. There are very few dulls moments in our lives.


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