Sleeper Trains

There are not many things in the world that I have a strong distain for. The list basically consists of snakes, black olives, and those Croc shoes. This summer, however, I added something to that list: sleeper trains. This past May I was in Europe and we took a sleeper train to Vienna. It was horrible. I woke up and there was no way to put makeup and make myself look decent and don’t even get me started on how terrible my hair looked. And all that’s not to mention what a terrible night of sleep it was.

I vowed to never take a sleeper train again in my entire life. Obviously, I survived and it wasn’t the end of the world and I’ve stayed in worse conditions, but I told myself that I would avoid traveling in a sleeper train at all costs. Even sitting in a train seat would be better than a so-called “sleeper” (although I’m thinking about petitioning to call them a “no-sleeper” car because does anyone really ever get sleep?).

Anyway, I was looking over the schedule for Third Wave 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand (which I will be attending) and guess what one of the first things we are doing? Well, we are taking a pre-trip to Chiang Mai before the conference actually starts.

The schedule reads: “Overnight sleeper train to Chiang Mai”

SLEEPER TRAIN. I’m taking a sleeper train.

So much for never taking a sleeper train again in my life. I should have known I’m young and I will be doing a lot more traveling in my life and there was no way I could guarantee a forever avoidance of sleeper trains.

But, I’m constantly learning that I can survive a lot more than I think I can. It is making me become a stronger and more independent person (all while becoming more dependent on God to give me the strength to get through).

Plus, I’m all about getting over fears. I remember in the seventh grade, I was taking a cooking and sewing class (we called it FCS, though I’m not entirely sure what that stands for), and I was afraid of the oven. (Obviously that’s an entirely rational fear—the oven is hot and I could get burned. Yes, I understand it isn’t like I’m going to stick my head it in or anything, but it is still something to be feared as a seventh grader.) So, there I was, baking cookies and I didn’t want to put them in the oven. So what did my best friend, Dixie do? She made me put them in the oven. I don’t remember she really gave me a choice, either. And that’s the best way to conquer fears. Face them head on. (That’s why my mom doesn’t believe me, but I’m going to jump out of an airplane sometime.) I think the same goes for things that I hate. (But don’t try to get me to eat black olives. They taste like eating rubber. It is like eating a mini tire.)

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for the trip. I am flying out of Kansas City on the 27th of December and won’t be back until January 11th. I plan to update my blog while there, and I appreciate all prayers for my group’s travel and everyone else involved in the event. For more information, check out:


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