I Guess You Could Call This a Recap

So I survived an earthquake.

But I’m not sure if it counts because I was in such a confused-sleepy state that I thought the noise of the shaking building was a giant spider tap dancing. (Which means you don’t even want to know what my dreams were like last night.)

Also, yesterday evening I was walking through a door while looking down, so I ran into the metal door frame with the top of my head. Yes, it was at the exact same time three people were coming through the door, so I’m sure they all saw my walk into a door frame with my head. And, yes, I still have a large bump on the top of my head to prove it. Because that’s how graceful I am.

But here’s what I’m really curious about: is my soy milk expired if the expiration date says: “Use by Oct 15 2011”? Better question: can I still drink it? I survived an earthquake, I could probably survive drinking expired soy milk in my cereal. Right?

The moral of the story is that I love Chinese food. And I love day-old Chinese food even more.

But, really, the highlight of yesterday was that it was a quiz meet. (If you don’t know much about quizzing, you’re life is sad and you should read up on it. Go here and here.) I was the coach for the B team. It was a lot of fun. I was pretty official and even called a time-out once. I gave them pep talks when other coaches called time outs as well. Except one time, when the lead coach overheard what we were talking about and she was like, “Were you guys just talking about calories?”

Let me explain.

Our lead coach always packs each team a bag full of snacks (because food is really a great motivator for life) and inside contained those Hostess cupcakes. I told the team that if they won, they could have a cupcake. Well, one of the girls said, “We don’t really like the cupcakes.” So I told them if they won I would get to eat a cupcake. They even asked if they placed third if they could shove a cupcake in my face. I agreed because that’s what good youth ministry looks like, but we ended up placing fourth.

And that’s my life as of late.

Please try to contain your jealousy.


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