Scattered Thoughts on a Rainy Day

I don’t know much, but I’m learning and I’m growing every day. I don’t have it all together, but I am at peace. I am discovering rest on a whole new level.

But, before I get too deep (ha!), I just would like to say that today I bought some Girl Scout cookies. I must need to relearn the skill of sharing, because during my nap today, I legitimately had a dream that I woke up to my roommate sitting on the couch with crumbs all over, having eaten my entire box of Thin Mints. So made I need to learn how to give and share and love a little before. What can I say? I love cookies, but I still have a lot of growing and learning to do. I haven’t arrived, ya’ll. (Please accept my “y’all”s as they appear to come out whenever I talk about food. I don’t really say “y’all.” I’m from North Dakota, for crying out loud. We don’t even know how to sweeten our ice tea.)

Today I met with a retired professor that worked in the Religion department for years. He was my professor for Intro to Preaching and Christian Corporate Worship. I really respect that man. While learning from his classes last semester, I gained a whole new desire to learn from our Eastern Orthodox church family members (we are, after all, part of the same family). Anyway, during our meeting, which only lasted a half hour, we covered a lot of different topics: everything from classes to work, from death and funerals to seminary and books.

I enjoyed the discussion he and I had, but it was how the time ended with prayer that really meant the most. I have to be honest, I have really been struggling when it comes to praying. I feel like I have been learning a lot about Sabbath and growing closer to God, but at the same time, I feel like my prayer life is almost desert-like. (Which has to be like an oxymoron or something. Can it still be an oxymoron if it is like a phrase?) Anyway, we prayed and it was just great. He prayed for people and situations he had on his heart and then allowed me to pray for people and situations I had on my heart. It really reminded me that I just need to have conversations with God. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy words or complicated. I sometimes forget that with all these prayer meetings and people who shout and raise their hands all the time. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not judging that, but I will admit that it is sometimes intimidating.

Other than that, it’s been rainy and cold. I know the snow will come soon, which I’m not looking forward to driving on. The office was closed today, so I’m not getting many hours in at work this week, which makes me feel unproductive in my life. But life is more than the hours I’m clocked in and working.

Lastly, this thought has been on my mind: Jesus cries because he loves saints and sinners alike. Do I have that same passion for people that moves me to tears?


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