Got back from North Dakota (a.k.a. the best state in the whole US, a.k.a. home) yesterday and I already want to go back. However, that is not an option. I have three weeks of this semester left: two weeks of classes and then a week of finals. Then it will be Christmas break. (We are not going to hang on the fact that even though I’m excited to go to Thailand, the fact that means I only get to spend a week at home makes me SUPER bummed, so we are not going to talk about that.) Christmas break.

I haven’t broke out the Christmas music yet, but I feel as though I should. More than that, though, I should start my Christmas shopping. Yeah, I’ve kind of been failing at life all over.

I’ve got papers due up the yin yang (I definitely pronounce it “ying yang” by the way). Test today and more coming soon, I’m sure. But all the people who have been putting how much they have to do and how stressed and busy they are annoy me, so I’m not going to do that. I’m mentally slapping my wrist right now.

Also, I’m wearing a shirt today that reminds me of my mother. I think I’m more like her than I realize. She is, after all, the main reason I drink tea. (And she’s also the reason I, you know, have life. No big deal.)

If there were a chart for my quality of blog posts in correlation to how busy I am, it would not be pretty.


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