I forgot.

I know, I shouldn’t have, but somewhere in midst of everything, I got caught up in the hustle (and I don’t mean the dance, I mean the kind of hustle that is so often coupled with the bustle).

I think it was somewhere in the stress of the semester, the stress of the reality that I am now having to deal with the consequences of not being productive over Thanksgiving break. Yes, even right in the middle of thinking and writing a sermon about the first week of Advent, I forgot. I forgot that I, too, am now in the season of Advent.

I was writing the words, but I was forgetting to live them. I was forgetting to understand the words that I was robotically repeating: “Advent is a time of waiting and anticipating Christmas.” I wasn’t waiting. I wasn’t anticipating. I was hurrying. I was stressing. I was probably losing hair (will you all still love me if I go bald?).

I was focusing more about how many papers I had left, about how much I have to get done, about how flunking out of college now would be terrible.

But that’s not what Advent is about.

Advent is about waiting.

Advent is really a season that is all about being.

So, even as I know the semester will get even busier as it gets closer to the end, I am called to draw near to God in this season. I need to seek Him. I need to wait.

After all, we know that “God’s goodness will once again draw near” (like Bonhoeffer writes).


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