Randomness and Run-On Sentences

So I’m not entirely sure, since I have yet to anything type anything for this blog post, but I am getting the feeling that this is not only going to be incredibly random, but this post will also contain an insanely large amount of run-on sentences because that’s what happens when I don’t proofread/care and also is what happens when I am only writing about incredibly random things.

I’m wearing red and green today because it is December and this is the only month where I can wear red and green and get away with it so I’m going to soak up these moments for all that they are worth.

Don’t get me wrong: I had every intention of only posting serious thoughts about Advent for this entire month of December, but I have to regularly schedule randomness into my life otherwise I would implode sitting at my cubicle desk. Except that’s a total lie because routine randomness is not really randomness at all. I figured I would still post something serious today, because I really do love the Advent season. However, I once almost dated this guy who said, “You seem like you like serious movies that make you think” while helping me dig my car out of a snowy parking lot last winter. We then watched several movies together and every single time I would talk, he would stop the movie and rewind the part I talked through, even though what I was saying was very relevant. But my point is that I sometimes just like movies that aren’t serious, sometimes I just like to watch chick flicks where the ending is always predictable and doesn’t require any brain energy because I already use too much brain power on college. All of this to say: I am not serious all the time. Sometimes I am random. Sometimes I bring up pie in conversations out of the blue. Because I like pie.

So, what I wanted to say is sometimes my life is a little awkward. At work, we have this bathroom stalls where you can’t really tell which one someone is in unless you full-out stick your head underneath them. Since that is definitely not okay, I am never quite sure if someone is in the stall right next the one I am about to go into. And, of course, there is always someone there. I don’t know much about bathroom protocol, but I do recall from playing this weird game on someone’s iPhone once that you aren’t supposed to go to the stall right next to someone else. Especially not when there are like six other stalls that are open. I do believe you are supposed to space out every-other every-other as much as possible. Next time I do this, I’m just going to introduce myself and make the entire moment even more awkward.

My phone is about to die and I’m not sitting by an outlet and I am entirely out of Coffeemate for the second morning and that makes my morning about ten times more sad.

If you made it through this post, I think you should win something. But you will have to settle for the personal satisfaction because I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping, so I definitely don’t have time to be buying prizes.


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