Our Destruction

I’m not really against consumerism, but I do think it does define us to an extent, so I wrote this poem:

We don’t need creativity

‘Cause it’s mass produced

We define by our presumptions

It’s our consumptions

That makes us who we are

We are the definition of our culture

We purchase our identities

We are entities

No need for personalities

We are who they tell us to be

It’s not ourselves for who we are living

It is to them that we are giving

Our money, our times, our selves

We do not belong to one another

We seek to love and serve the lost

But we are have not count the cost

It is our consumerism mentality

That gives us mobility

This is it, this is who we are

We are no more than what we buy

And then we wonder why

We still come up short

Our bank accounts empty

We fall over like humpty dumpty

We have “all we need”

But we’ve only sown the seed

Of our destruction


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