Somewhere between the mile markers and chapter titles, we find ourselves moving forward. It snowed this morning, but the sun melted it away. After all, not all beautiful things stay. There are times to cry, but someday our eyes will dry. Soon will come a day when we fly kites and find healing.

In the meantime, we will find ourselves in the middle of the wreckage. We will find that pieces will need to be picked up, placed back together again. We will find that more than mittens will keep our hands warm. Laughter will keep us from sinking. We will take a drive and carve our names in tree trunks. We will eat pepperoni pizza and cinnamon rolls.

We arrive with hope in hand. Yet songs and stories cannot contain all the sorrow. The certainty will be shadowed by doubt. Time makes us wonder what this was all worth, but we will turn a corner and find that we have been becoming stronger. Strong enough to survive.

Our lives are filled with seasons that will unfold and be filled with farewells. But somewhere in the wreckage, we will find each other.


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