This is My Life

I woke up late this morning, and I got dressed in the dark because my roommate was still sleeping. My outfit clearly reflects that I got dressed in the dark. I am mostly wearing grays and black, but I think I kind of look like my closet exploded on me. Which, to be fair, exploded is a great word to describe my closet right now. Last night, I legitimately folded my dirty clothes and packed them to go home tomorrow. First of all, who packs dirty clothes? Second of all, who folds dirty clothes?

I do. And I do.

I’m not mad about it.

Here’s something else I’m not mad about: I’m going home. That’s right. Finally going home. This semester has been awful and terrible and probably my worst semester to date. I mean, I am sure it definitely could have been worse, but I am glad it’s almost over. So I am shoving my car with stuff (hopefully enough stuff to have everything I will need to pack for Thailand) and making the ten-hour trek back to the best state in the entire US of A.

Yesterday at work as the lovely intern, I was sent to go pick the lunch (and drinks and snacks) since everyone else was in a meeting all day. After aimlessly walking around Hy-Vee looking for craisins (which I never did find, mind you), I went to the Chinese food. Apparently I am invisible (ha! I bet you didn’t know I had a superpower) because it took forever for one of the million workers to notice me. Next time I think I will wear a sign that reads: “HELLO! I WANT TO BUY CHINESE FOOD, PLEASE GIVE ME SERVICE.” Anyway, I got the Chinese food, walked aimlessly searching for craisins one last time, bought the food and left.

It had been raining the entire morning. I got back to the office parking lot and was determined to carry everything in one trip. I made it about twenty feet before I really started struggling. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere…


I stood there looking helpless as the rain poured down, when a man appeared. He was a middle-aged man who was there fixing the ice machine on the second-floor. He asked if I needed help. I told him I did indeed need help. So, he helped distraught Annie* carry in everything else. I thanked him and he pointed out how he had not eaten lunch yet, but I did not invite him to join our office department lunch. And he was on his way. I am extremely grateful for random strangers who help me in my times of need.

That is what happens in my life.

Also, I wore red and green yesterday and one of my professors told me I looked like a Christmas tree. Which could maybe be an insult, but I will take it as a compliment.

I have my Greek final today and two finals tomorrow. Pray I do well and pray I do not lose my sanity.

*The first sign that I have probably already lost my sanity is that I just referred to myself in third person. Give me a sweater vest and call me the name of my high school science teacher, the end of the world is probably coming near.


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