Somewhere between missing American outlets and regular Wi-Fi connects and getting stomach aches from not being used to Thai food, I felt a desire to be back home. Maybe it had something to do with my complaints taking over my conversation, but I realized that I was missing something.

Something was wrong with my attitude.

Something was wrong with my heart.

After the opening dinner at Third Wave, we watched children from the local Nazarene churches do dances. They had such a fun spirit about them. It was an excited spirit, excited about what God is doing. 

We were told that the yellow flowers that were pinned to us were a blessing we were receiving. We are blessed.

We worshipped together. Together with over 220 people from over 50 countries were singing “God of this City,” which until I got here, I had no idea that song was written about Thailand. It is a song that brings this message that greater things are yet to be done. A song that points to a God who is working, even in Thailand where the Christian population is less than one percent. 

Here we were, all together. Not focused on differences, but instead focused on what unities us. That is what I feel like this conference will teach me the most.

It was like I was experiencing Pentecost, right here, in Bangkok, in 2012. Different languages, different cultures, so many differences, yet we all serve a God who is greater than any of our differences. This is Pentecost.


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