Yesterday was a powerful day. There is nothing quite like worshipping with my brothers and sisters in Christ, each of us saying the Lord’s Prayer in our native tongue. God is moving. There is no doubt that this will be how I describe heaven from now on. I believe this is one of those thin places, where it is easier for the Kingdom of God to break into our everyday lives and do something in our hearts that will change us all forever. 

When I sent out support letters for this trip, I didn’t know really how to describe Third Wave. Even days leading up to the event, I did not really know how to describe it. It is a conference, so I knew I would be attending sessions and meeting with people. I knew many countries would be represented. I knew we would be doing service projects. However, what I didn’t know was that this would change how I see different cultures, how I see the entire world. I didn’t know that the numbers of participants and countries represented would become more than something I would tell people for statistics of the event, I didn’t know those numbers would become names and faces and stories. I didn’t know these people would become my family. This is more than a coherence.

I would have to admit that the highlight of yesterday was our get together with our partner region. As a region (though technically we are actually considering ourselves a region when really we are talking about a field, but unless you know Nazarene lingo, that’s probably all gibberish), we are partnered with the Asia-Pacific region. They broke up into groups by their location and then since there were so few of us Americans, we each joined a separate group. So I was with people from Australia and New Zealand. We started off by introducing ourselves. We then played a game, basically showing that you don’t really need to be from the same culture/speak the same language to have fun together. Then we shared what God has been doing in our lives. Now, if you know me, you know I can be pretty vulnerable with people, each if it is people I don’t really even know. So I was honest with them, though I had just met them minutes prior. And I think that helped them be more honest with me. 

I did notice something interesting about myself through having this time of sharing. We were asked to share our testimonies. Now normally, if you had asked me to share my testimony, I would have shared how I came to know Christ. And don’t get me wrong, I still gladly share that story, but I realized that God has been doing a work in my life recently. I shared what experiences I’d been going through just this past year. It made me realize that my story is a continuing story. It didn’t stop when I accepted Christ. It has been progress and struggles since that time. I also noticed that even though each of the stories shared in the circle were completely different, it made me feel connected to them. We are all part of the same story—the story of God. It was a Kingdom moment.

We have been having lots of Kingdom moments, through worshipping together, sharing meals together and praying together. This is heaven on earth. This is the power of a God who is not bound by language or geographical borders. This is the Kingdom come.  


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