Prayers for Thailand

Every time I visit a new country, it burrows deep into a place in my heart. I was reading an article about a terrorist attacking places in Thailand who was arrested. It reminded me that we need to continue to pray for the people in Thailand.

Being in Thailand with the language barriers was frustrating, but one of my fellow trip mates made a great point about how the language barriers shows all the more that we need to support the missionaries who are already there. They know the language, they know much more about the culture. They know about their context in ways that I do not. I know about my context, which makes it important for me to know my culture, the youth culture that I minister alongside. But we need to pray for the people in Thailand. We need to pray for the Thai people, for the missionaries, for the people of every religion. We need to pray for those who suffered from flood damage as they continue to pick up and rebuild. We need to pray for those who are sold into sex traffic, for those who suffer from AIDs, and all the many other needs that the people are dealing with. Sometimes it feels like prayers are not enough, but they are important.

P.S. I still have some journal entries to type up from my time in Thailand that I wrote out. I will type them and post them sometime, but I do not actually have all that much motivation this morning. I am staying with my roommate and we are both suffering from jet lag. However, the best part about having a best friend who is also jet lagged means that you can wake up at five in the morning and then make a McDonald’s breakfast run at six in the morning in the freezing cold and when you get in the car and Backstreet Boys is playing you both take it as a sign that God has ordained this McDonald’s run. That’s what having a best friend is all about.


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